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Shopify Carding Method: A Step-by-Step Guide offers a complete step-by-step explanation to the Shopify Carding Method. To improve your online buying experience, learn the ins and outs of this e-commerce approach.

Shopify has grown as a popular e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their own online stores. While many legitimately use it to develop profitable enterprises, there are those who use more dubious methods, such as carding. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the carding process on Shopify. Please keep in mind that carding is unlawful and unethical, and we do not support or promote such practices. This guide is only for informational reasons.

1. Activate Your Store and Choose a Plan

Before diving into the realm of carding, you must first create a Shopify store. Begin by activating your store and selecting an appropriate plan. While there are other plans to choose from, we recommend the $79 plan because it includes advanced reporting features and cheaper transaction fees. If money is an issue, Shopify also provides a free 14-day trial after which you can choose a plan. Remember that investing in a reputable plan is critical to keeping your account active.

2. Understand How Drop Shipping Works

Many successful internet businesses rely on dropshipping. It entails selling things without keeping any inventory on hand. Rather, you only buy from vendors when clients place orders. This strategy is perfect for people on a tight budget. Aliexpress is the most popular marketplace for sourcing products for dropshipping.

3. Importing Products with Oberlo

Use the Oberlo app to automate your dropshipping business. It streamlines the process by allowing you to upload products directly from Aliexpress to your Shopify store. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Get the Oberlo app (it’s free).
  • For enhanced convenience, use the Chrome extension.
  • Click “Add To Import List” for the products you want to sell while browsing Aliexpress.
  • Customise the product information in your Oberlo import list.
  • To add the product to your store, press the “Push to Shop” button.

4. Handling Orders with Oberlo

Oberlo simplifies the fulfilment process when you receive orders. What you must do is as follows:

  • Navigate to Oberlo and select “Orders” from the left-hand panel.
  • Find your most recent orders.
  • Place your orders, and Oberlo will handle everything else, including customer information and order placement.

5. Getting Traffic to Your Shopify Store

It’s time to start attracting customers now that your store is up and running and your products are ready. For this purpose, most reputable businesses use Facebook advertisements and Instagram shoutouts.

Target potential clients and conduct an ad campaign on Facebook.

Collaborate with influencers to advertise your products to their following on Instagram.

Let us repeat that the methods described above are for trustworthy businesses, and we strongly discourage any criminal activity.

Methods: Options 1, 2, and 3

While we’ve discussed how to establish a legal dropshipping business, we feel obligated to reveal the unlawful alternatives that people may pursue. However, we must emphasise that some of these actions are illegal, unethical, and potentially dangerous.

1. Marketing on Social Media

Setting up social media accounts, posting products, and running carded Facebook advertising are all part of this technique. It also includes the use of automation tools to boost trustworthiness. We strongly oppose this strategy.

2. Promoting Cardable Sites

Some people advertise their Shopify stores as “cardable sites” on carding forums. This is both unlawful and unethical, and we strongly discourage it.

3. Self-Carding or Carding Services

This strategy entails employing illegal methods to conduct fraudulent transactions or provide carding services for others. Such conduct can result in criminal prosecution and severe legal consequences.

To sum up:

We’ve discussed the legal way to establish a dropshipping business on Shopify, which can be a practical way to earn a life online. Here’s a basic rundown:

  • Create a Shopify store and choose an appropriate plan.
  • Oberlo can help you find things on Aliexpress.
  • Maintain a clean and product-focused store.
  • Using Facebook and Instagram advertising, drive niche-specific visitors.

Remember that e-commerce success can be obtained by legal and ethical ways. Avoid illegal acts such as carding, which might result in serious legal consequences.


1. Is carding legal?

No, Carding is illegal and involves fraudulent activity such as credit card fraud.

2. Can I make money with dropshipping on Shopify?

Yes, Dropshipping is a legal business concept, and many businesses have found success with it on Shopify.

3. What are the consequences of carding?

Carding activities can lead to criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment.

4. Are there any alternative methods to make money online?

Yes, there are numerous legal ways to make money online, including affiliate marketing, e-commerce, freelance employment, and others.

5. Can I use Shopify for legitimate e-commerce without dropshipping?

Yes, many businesses use Shopify for traditional e-commerce, where they sell their own items or services. It’s a flexible platform for a variety of online business concepts.