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Gift Card Carding Method in 2024: What You Need to Know

Gift card carding is an illegal practice that has recently grown in popularity in the world of cybercrime. This approach includes fraudsters, known as “carders,” acquiring credit or debit card information, confirming it, and then using it to get gift cards that may be converted to cash. It is critical to emphasize that gift card carding is unlawful and can result in serious penalties, including fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to ten years under Title-18 US Code Section 1029. In this post, we will look at the realm of gift card carding, including the techniques used in 2024, as well as the corresponding rules and penalties.

What Is Gift Card Carding?

Before we get into the specifics of gift card carding, let’s define what a gift card is. Gift cards are prepaid cards that have a stored value and allow recipients to make transactions. There are two primary types of gift cards:

  1. Closed-Loop Gift Cards: These cards are limited to use at a specific store or brand.
  2. Open-Loop Gift Cards: Unlike closed-loop cards, open-loop gift cards are not tied to any particular merchant. They function similarly to credit and debit cards and are often reloadable.

Businesses use gift cards to increase sales and customer loyalty, and they serve as a quick way for people to offer gifts when they’re unsure what to buy. They are a prime target for carders, which is unfortunate given their popularity.

Carders take advantage of gift cards’ comparatively lax security measures in contrast to those of contemporary credit cards. When a fraudster purchases several gift cards with a stolen credit card, it’s known as gift card carding. The gift cards are then either sold or used by the fraudster before the retailer notices the fraudulent activity. Gift card fraud may take many different forms, such as gift card number theft, account takeover, gift card refund fraud, and physical gift card tampering.

Requirements for Carding Gift Cards

Although it’s one of the most well-known types of card fraud, carding gift cards is also one of the simplest. In order to carry out this illicit operation, carders need particular equipment and resources. The following are some of the most vital tools for carding gift cards from internet retailers:

1. Cardable Gift Card Website

Finding suitable online shopping sites where people may buy gift cards is where carders start their business. These websites frequently let customers ship products anywhere in the globe and get over several security measures. Carders search for the following things in order to spot a cardable website:

  • The option to ship internationally or to use a different shipping address from the billing address on the credit card.
  • Lack of a One-Time Password (OTP) or other rigorous transaction verification procedures.
  • No need to present a legitimate ID to verify the buyer’s identification.

2. CC Details

For carding, a live credit card (CC) is essential. Carders usually obtain three kinds of credit card information from internet forums or the dark web. They get these facts as virtual notepads instead of a real card. Among the three categories of CC information are:

  • Conventional CC
  • Partial Full CC
  • CC Fullz

Although they are more expensive, carders prefer CC Fullz because they include both the credit card number and the owner’s personal information. To create a virtual card for carding gift cards, carders frequently utilise the BIN (Bank Identification Number) or the first four to six digits of the credit card number. Unverified Visa cards that are not verified by Visa (Non-VBV) are frequently chosen since they don’t need to use OTP verification or security procedures while making purchases.

3. VPN, RDP, and Socks 5

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Socks 5 are used by carders to stay anonymous online. These tools mask the IP address of the carder. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) operates in a different manner than Socks 5, which acts as a less expensive VPN substitute. RDP lets the user connect to a PC that is in the same region as the CC without hiding the IP address.

4. Computer or Mobile Phone

Carders use computers and mobile devices for carding. Smartphones must be rooted, uninstalled of Google services, and have a CPU that can handle 2 GB of RAM at the very least. Carders use Windows and Mac computers as well, however they need to install Windows 8.1 or above and deactivate location services.

5. CC Cleaner

Before and after carding, it is essential to use CC Cleaner software for erasing cache files, cookies, and surfing history. Getting rid of these temporary browser files prevents servers from tracking the user’s online activity.

6. High-Speed Internet

Carders want high-speed internet connections since using a VPN might slow down the internet. By making this selection, they may browse websites without experiencing delays or disconnections.

7. Shipping Address

In gift card carding, carders avoid using their actual location or the CC owner’s address. Instead, they utilize a US address from a picker, friend, relative, or a DROP address. DROP providers are entities that assist individuals residing outside the country in receiving their orders.

8. Email Drop and Phone Number

Some shopping websites send gift card codes by email. Carders use this to their advantage by creating new email accounts with names that match the CC owner’s. In order to escape detection by the website, carders frequently copy the registered phone number on the credit card but make small changes to a few digits.

Gift Card Carding Method of 2024

Now that you’ve covered the qualifications, let’s look at how professional carders will approach gift card carding in 2024. Keep in mind that this information is intended solely for educational reasons.

  1. To ensure your IP address stays hidden, clear your browser and connect to your choice VPN or Socks 5.
  2. If you have an RDP client, connect and launch it.
  3. Create two new email addresses in Mozilla Browser: one with the precise credit card details to be used on shopping sites, and one with an alternative address if the gift card needs to be delivered to another account.
  4. Use the same browser to view the carding website. Input the appropriate CC details and create an account using your new email address.
  5. Check to ensure that your credit card is operational and has enough funds to complete the purchase; you may do this ahead of time.
  6. As a normal consumer, look for gift cards and add them to your cart.
  7. Note: If you wish to send the gift card to an alternative email address, ensure that the website has a “eGift card” option. Add it to your cart and remember to include a fake personal note to make it look authentic, as well as your alternative email address.
  8. Select your desired payment option and provide the necessary information. With the exception of the phone number and address, make sure that all details match your credit card information.
  9. Enter your mailing address and place your purchase.
  10. Most shopping websites will take you to a summary page, and you should get the gift card number via email within 1 to 2 minutes of completing the transaction.
  11. You can wait for the real card to arrive or use the virtual code to make transactions.

Can Someone Go to Jail for Carding Gift Cards?

Gift card carding has considerable legal dangers. Under federal law, using “access devices” for fraudulent activity is a severe offence punishable under Title-18 U.S.C section 1029. Individuals caught carding gift cards face the same penalties as those who commit credit card fraud. Debit and credit cards, account numbers, codes, electronic serial numbers, plates, mobile and personal identity numbers, communications services and equipment, and any other ways of illegally accessing money, products, or other assets are all considered “access devices.”

Final Words

Now that you understand how gift cards are carded, you can better protect yourself from becoming a victim of this type of fraud. If you operate a business, you should consider updating your website’s security and introducing more robust payment mechanisms that involve OTP and other verification steps. By adopting these precautions, you may help deter carders and assist authorities in apprehending individuals engaging in unlawful activity.

Remember that knowledge serves as your best defense against gift card fraud, and raising awareness is critical to combating this cybercrime.

5 Unique FAQs

What is gift card carding?

  • Gift card carding is a form of cyber fraud where individuals, known as carders, use stolen credit card information to obtain gift cards, which can be converted into cash.

What are the consequences of carding gift cards?

  • Engaging in gift card carding can lead to severe penalties, including fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to 10 years under federal law.

What tools do carders use for carding gift cards?

  • Carders rely on tools such as VPNs, CC details, cardable websites, CC cleaners, and high-speed internet connections to facilitate gift card carding.

Is gift card carding illegal?

  • Yes, gift card carding is illegal, and it is considered a cybercrime under federal law.

How can businesses protect themselves from gift card carding?

  • Businesses can enhance their security measures by implementing verification processes like OTP and by regularly monitoring for suspicious transactions on their websites.
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