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* airline flights sold at 30% of their retail value
* hotel bookings sold at 35% of their retail value
* car rental at 30% of retail value at 30% of retail value.

Although we do charge a bit more than the average hacker travel agency, you can trust on our reputation and track record to ensure that there won’t be any cancellations, security issues, or other troubles while you’re on the road when you make a reservation with us. You may be sure that we work harder than anybody else to keep you secure because we’ve been doing it this way for such a long time. Therefore, booking with us is a wise choice.

Please be aware that we offer our customers support over WhatsApp and Telegram almost constantly. You can always contact us with queries or suggestions for services we should offer to better serve you on your upcoming vacation.

Question and answer sessions.

How far in advance must I book before my departure?
In very exceptional cases, we demand at least 5-7 days’ notice, but if the order is small but stil fulfills our requirements, we may be able to finish it in as little as 3 days.

Without getting too technical, how secure are your reservations, and how are they processed?
Our bookings are made through either SEPA or SWIFT transfers straight to our agent, with whom we have a corporate account, making them the safest you can find. For more than ten years, our account has been examined and validated.

So how are your reservations different from those of the rivals?
Because other travel providers frequently employ credit card flights carding methods, our payments for bookings don’t result in chargebacks. So a word of caution: if there is a chargeback, the police will be looking into it, and you wouldn’t want to deal with that.


Burj Al Arab, Dubai
The Palms, Las Vegas.
Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand.
The Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg, Germany.
The Plaza, New York
Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, California.
Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

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When you place your order directly on our shop by contacting or service representatives, you must provide this information about your luxury vacations.

Number of Persons Travelling
Destination (Country/State)
How many days (3 Days Max.)
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